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1. 1. Introduction.

2. How time slows down.


4. Mach Principle vs of The Strong Equivalence Principle.

5. The cause of the big Bang or how the universe came into being.

6. Planck's constant and wave impedance of vacuum.

7. An experiment to test the validity of the Mach principle

8. On the physical meaning of the Schwarzschild radius

9. General Relativity and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

10. An experiment to test the quantum theory of gravity in which everyone can participate.

11. How the rest mass changes in the gravitational field.

12. Why the universe expands where there is no gravity.

13. The fall of the apple and the LC oscillatory circuit in the reference frame of the remote observer.

14. There are no black holes, supplement.

15. Absolute clock.

10. An experiment to test the quantum theory of gravity in which everyone can participate

And is it possible to conduct an experiment to test the quantum theory of gravity, and at the same time GRT, without using an atomic clock, using a quartz clock? It would seem that no, quartz watches have insufficient accuracy.
But if you use 10,000 clocks at the same time with subsequent averaging of the results, the accuracy will increase
100 times. And if we repeat the measurements 10,000 times?
Now users have millions of smartphones with a GPS module on their hands, with the help of which you can in the online
to track the height of the smartphone above sea level. And every smartphone has a quartz watch.
I propose to create a mobile application that will constantly monitor the position of the smartphone over
and determine the weighted average height of the smartphone above sea level. Constant clock synchronization
turn off the smartphone via the mobile network at the same time. Once a week or a month to compare the error of the internal clock of the smartphone
relative to the time in the mobile network and transmit to the server information about this error and information about the weighted average
the height of the smartphone above sea level for this week or month.
On the server, this information will be subjected to statistical processing, the correlation of the error with the weighted average is calculated
the height of the smartphone above sea level, the approximate intervals are calculated. And on the website in real time it will be possible to follow
follow the progress of the experiment and see the score of the competition between the quantum theory of gravity and GRT on the scoreboard.
Anyone who wishes will be able to install this application on their smartphone and, thus, take part in the experiment.
There are practically no costs for this experiment, it will be possible to pay with programmers for the development of this application
revenue from advertising on the site, where you can track the progress of the experiment.