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1. 1. Introduction.

2. How time slows down.


4. Mach Principle vs of The Strong Equivalence Principle.

5. The cause of the big Bang or how the universe came into being.

6. Planck's constant and wave impedance of vacuum.

7. An experiment to test the validity of the Mach principle

8. On the physical meaning of the Schwarzschild radius

9. General Relativity and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

10. An experiment to test the quantum theory of gravity in which everyone can participate.

11. How the rest mass changes in the gravitational field.

12. Why the universe expands where there is no gravity.

13. The fall of the apple and the LC oscillatory circuit in the reference frame of the remote observer.

14. There are no black holes, supplement.

15. Absolute clock.

2. Does the gravitational field have mass?

Interesting question. On the one hand, the gravitational field is characterized by a gravitational potential, that is, it has energy, but on the other hand,
if a gravitational field had mass, it would inevitably compress itself into a point. And this argument is against
that the gravitational field has mass, just killer, so it is believed that the gravitational field is a curvature of space, and space does not have mass.
But there is another contradiction, we write Newton's law of gravity in differential form

What is divergence? This operator indicates whether a given point is the source or drain of a field flow if the field divergence at that point is positive,
then this point is the source, if negative-the drain.
It follows from this equation that the gravitational field has only drains. And where does it originate, disorder?
This formula is similar to Coulomb's law in electrodynamics, but in electrodynamics there are two kinds of charges, positive and negative,
and in General, the number of positive charges is equal to the number of negative charges, which means
that the number of sources of an electric field is equal to the number of its drains. And where is the origin of the gravitational field?
I found an article on the Internet by Alexander Golovkin, a researcher at the Gravity laboratory of the joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna,
here is the link https://textarchive.ru/c-2401100.html.
In this paper, the following formula is given, giving the connection of the electromagnetic field with the gravitational one.

Quote: "This equation describes the sources of the gravitational field: it is an ordinary substance with a density, an electromagnetic field with a strength E and H,
and also the gravitational field with the intensity g, ( g-has the dimension of acceleration ), p-pressure . The fact that the gravitational field, like any kind of matter,
could be a source of gravity while no one was paying attention . G is Newton's constant . C is the speed of light ."
What is wrong with this equation? First, I think that pressure should be excluded from it. Secondly, it also does not contain sources for the gravitational field.
Thirdly, it follows that the gravitational field will compress itself into a point, as I wrote at the beginning of the Chapter. However, from the second follows the third.
So how can these contradictions be resolved? In all physics textbooks, gravitational energy is written in formulas with a minus sign.
So here it is the solution, the gravitational field has negative energy, therefore it has negative mass.
Matter with negative mass repels matter with both positive mass and negative mass,
and matter with positive mass attracts matter with both positive mass and negative mass
(https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Экзотическая_материя), therefore, and the gravitational field can not compress itself into a point,
and the attraction of a positive mass of matter does not allow it to scatter into infinity.
taking into account the above, this equation should be written as follows

in this article, the following formula is given, giving the connection of the electromagnetic field with the gravitational one.

From this equation it can be seen that if the sum of the first two terms is greater than the third term, then the point is the drain of the field,
and if on the contrary, the third term is greater than the sum of the first two terms, then the point is the source of the field.